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OUR BAR Podcast (Pants Optional!)

Lots has happened at Failte, a (seemingly) modest Irish Whiskey Bar nestled in Murray Hill. Jen the Bartender has seen 10+ years’ worth of friends, lovers, heroes, and mystical beasts celebrating, bickering, sharing good news, breaking hearts, maybe even singing a song or two. We got some specials coming up “on tap” via podcast – theater in a bar! In YOUR home! Dropping June 3rd AND you can listen in WITH the OUR BAR collective, friends and family! It’ll be like watching the real thing together, except we don’t have to put on pants or change out of our PJs.

Join us via Zoom Wed June 3rd @ 9pm EST for a LIVE group-listen to our latest podcast “ON TAP” featuring some dive bar spectacles you may (or may not) have seen before.

So take off your pants, grab a beverage or two and enjoy OUR BAR on the airwaves in this digital hang with the OB collective and cast of “On Tap”

ZOOM link: